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Crude oil production peaked in 1996



In 2009, Syria’s net petroleum exports were estimated to be 148,000 bbl/d. All oil exports are marketed by Sytrol, Syria’s state oil marketing firm, which sells most of its volumes under 12-month contracts. Syrian crude oil exports go mostly to OECD European countries, in particular GermanyItaly, and France, totaling an estimated 143,000 bbl/d in 2009, according to International Energy Agency (IEA) data


According to The Oil and Gas Journal, Syria’s total refining capacity was approximately 240,000 bbl/d as of January 2010. Syria’s two state-owned refineries are located at Baniyas and Homs, which have 133,000 bbl/d and 107,000 bbl/d, respectively, of refining capacity. Syria faces shortages of gas oil and diesel, which are imported. A proposed new 100,000 bbl/d capacity refinery project by CNPC at Abu Khashab is currently under contract following the completion of an economic feasibility study in early 2010.

Experts generally agree that Syria will become a net importer of petroleum by the end of the next decade

Syrian Refined Product Market Analysis

Clean Fuel Production Strategies in Syrian Refining Sector

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