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Oil Price


Believing or not believing in peak oil?  It’s not a religious question. It’s a number crunching job.

This site is about monitoring the global crude oil peak. I am using “incremental crude oil production” graphs (relative to Jan 2001)  to show growing,  peaking and declining oil production in all countries. The data are from EIA, International Petroleum Monthly.

The graphs are updated monthly, around the 10th of each month. If you are in a meeting and you need the latest graphs, use my site

I started off with graphs for Gail the Actuary’s article in the Oildrum, in October 2007

Did Katrina Hide the Real Peak in World Oil Production? and Other Oil Supply Insights

This was followed in April 2008 by:

Bumpy Crude Oil Plateau in the Rear View Mirror

The American investment banker Matthew Simmons (book: Twilight in the Desert, the coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy) used some of my graphs in his slide show to the Pentagon:

Matt Mushalik (MEAust, CPEng)