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Submission The End of Freeways - The tipping points of Peak Oil and Global Warming

An independent Review of the F3 to M7 Corridor Selection was conducted by the Hon Mahla Pearlman AO, a former Chief Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court (1992-2003).

trimm7_8 Read more in my submission with following chapters

Executive Summary

(1) Response to terms of reference

(2) Current oil supply situation

(3) Global warming and sea level rise

(4) confluence of peak oil and global warming

(5) The energy squeeze

(6) Alternative fuels

(7) Electric rail solutions

Addendum December 2009:

In an update on chapter (6), there is a revised link address to the hydrogen presentation of Prof. Trimm in his CSIRO Shine Dome lecture of May 2006:

More than 3 years after that slide show you will still find RTA officials thinking that there will be a smooth transition to hydrogen cars. See above slide with the caption “The Hydrogen economy is a long way away”

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