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Terms of Reference for Urban Transport under Severe Carbon Constraints

In response to a call for submissions on the proposed terms of reference for the Brisbane North Link EIS

I submitted:  cover_tor_northlink

“Terms of Reference for Urban Transport under Severe Carbon Constraints”

A complete restructuring of the proposed TOR is recommended with these logaical steps:

STEP 1: Find which fuels and which clean energies are and could be available when?
STEP 2: Check feasibility of alternative vehicle and transport technologies and their timings
STEP 3: Calculate all emissions from carbon based traffic for various scenarios
STEP 4: Define economic objectives in a carbon constrained environment
STEP 5: List sustainable transport solutions
STEP 6: Prepare a project proposal on the basis of step 5
STEP 7: Do the cost benefit analysis including sensitivity, applying the precautionary principle

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