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Fuel shortages in France – some lessons

Peak oil works in strange, unexpected ways.  Accumulated debt and high oil prices (i.e. > $25) caused by limited oil supplies put extreme pressure on public budgets. In another convergence the deteriorating age structure forces governments to reduce their pension payouts. Result: Grèves pétrolières. Voilà.


We can already observe a couple of points:

(1) Although fuel shortages were entirely predictable after the closure of refineries, authorities did nothing to prepare for that moment, as can be seen from the above  images:

(2) Filling station owner puts up his own petrol quota sign Euro 20 = 15 litres to keep as many customers happy as possible

(3) Emergency vehicle (red fire brigade truck) stuck in waiting line (why did the NSW Ambulance service close their fuel depots against my advice ???)

(4) Drivers will go over your dead body on a pedestrian path to keep their position in the queue

(5) Expect vehicles which have run out of fuel to block the road

Just a small foretaste of what is to come in the next oil crunch. Of course the public thinks that can never happen in Australia.

Happy motoring. See next post on next oil crunch.

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