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Barangaroo development will not make the rest of Sydney sustainable

Or: Barangaroo in NSW Wonderland with metro roller coaster.

The proposed Barangaroo development doesn’t answer following questions:

baranagaroo_hotel (1) Do we really need another international hotel in a period of peaking and then declining oil production? Where will all the tourists come from when we look at the global debt problem and the economies in the US and Europe? Will there be a housing bubble in China?

(2) What is the future of international travel after the next oil price shocks when airlines downsize? Will we have a comeback of ocean liners (instead of cruise ships)? 6a00e0099229e8883301116853867e970c-700wi ship_photo_sun_princess

(3) Those energy hungry skyscrapers would still be running on 80% coal. Can we really afford this while NASA climatologist James Hansen advised us in March this year at Sydney Uni that in just 10 years time global warming will force us to stop our coal business?

(4) What will be the jobs of the future? Office workers in high-rises? Or engineers and trades people re-building our cities?

(5) What are the REAL sea level rises by 2100? When would the new development be flooded?

(6) Is this proposed development a priority to prepare EXISTING Sydney for an oil crunch and a carbon constrained future? Would the funds used by this project not be better spent for public transport and renewable energies? Which superfunds will contribute?

Read more in my submission [download id="43"]

It seems the NSW State government is pre-occupied with a portfolio of unnecessary projects. The latest example is the re-development of a car-dependent theme park in Sydney’s West.

NSW Wonderland indeed, with exciting roller coasters:

“The Keneally government insists it is just a little tunnel that will take pedestrians from Wynyard station to the planned business and recreational precinct of Barangaroo on the western side of the CBD.

But an official document from the NSW Department of Planning, posted quietly on the department’s website, has revived fears that the controversial CBD Metro is not dead, merely dormant.”

They never learn, that was my submission:

Too late for Sydney Metro Tunnels

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